You need a certified translation? We’ll take care of it…

Translation services Zagreb offers certified translations in numerous language combinations such as English-Croatian and Croatian-English, German<>Croatian, Dutch<>Croatian...

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation (also known as official translation) is the translation of an official document (such as birth and marriage certificates, contracts, patent documentation, etc.) that has been certified as accurate and is therefore authorized for submission to a wide range of official bodies.

The certified translation has been authenticated by the translator who has been sworn by the court for a certain language pair.

All our certified translations are carried out and delivered according to current Croatian Regulations on Court Interpreters, guaranteeing that the certified translation will be accepted by any authority or institution in the country or abroad. A person can be appointed as a court translator/interpreter if they have completed a tertiary degree, have a complete knowledge of an appropriate foreign language and the language in official use, and have a satisfactory level of general and legal knowledge.

Examples of documents that may require a sworn translation:

Audit reports, annual reports, balance sheets, certificates of insurance, commercial register documentation, contracts and agreements, court statements, general terms and conditions of business, legal judgements, medical certificates, permits, university and college degrees, vital documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, family record book….